By apparently just comparing patterns and colors of underground seat designs, the film allows a look at the status quo of life in different European metropolises. Politics, economics and social issues of a town are unveiled, as well as challenges and chances of modern migration. While giving each city space to correspond to its self-image or to create a new one, the film is interested above all in the larger picture: how do you come up with a design? If you fancy technology or if you decide to minimalize your life - you're always making a choice. If everything is a choice, how do you live with the consequences, especially if you fail? Designing seat patterns is about ideas and creation, but also about requirements and compromise. So is life.

„The pattern of the underground“ takes a look at modern migration and modern biographies. Are there repeating patterns? What about those who don't have a choice or those who give up? To be able to design ones life is a privilege, to reach its limits is painful and the question of „What comes next? remains unanswered.