Kenan, Ümit, Murat, Tuncay and Erkan grew up in the Bavarian town Ingolstadt. Most of them were born there. Enjoying the quiet and beauty of it, they nevertheless stood out as Turkish forgeiners. Film director Svenja Klüh follows Murat on his quest to draw a picture of their past and present lives almost 20 years later. Kenan and Ümit stayed in Ingolstadt. They drink or gamble and work in factories as their fathers did. Tuncay and Erkan were deported to Turkey two decades ago. They live in Antalya, a small touristic place in the south of Turkey. They managed to start a new life there. However, being expelled from their homeland is something they didn't overcome.

Time of the Crows, Time of the Khalifs is a film about bygone friendship, liability and choices.
It's a film about Germany and Turkey -
both familiar and foreign.

directed by
Svenja Klüh

co-directed by
Murat Aydın

Kaspar Kaven

Mario Sieber

edited by
Svenja Klüh, Ursula Scheid

production manager
Daniel Schmidt

managing editor
Petra Felber, BR

produced by
jamurfilm, Murat Aydın & Svenja Klüh,
Bayerischer Rundfunk,
University of Television and Film Munich, Germany

sponsored by
FilmFernsehFonds Bayern,
Ausländerbeirat der Stadt München



Türkische Filmwoche Berlin 2012

Filmfestival Türkei/Deutschland, Nürnberg 2012

Türkische Filmtage München 2012

Altın Portakal Film Festivali, Antalya 2011


TRT Documentary Award 2012

Öngören Award for democracy and human rights,
17. Filmfestival Türkei/Deutschland 2012


TRT Documentary Award 2012:
The Turkish National Lottery Administration Special Prize

3rd prize for „Best Treatment“ at the documentary competition of BR/Telepool, Munich 2008


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