Inspector Jürgen Jürgens tries to solve a homicide case in Duisburg. Yet, the crime scene turns out to be a „Tatort“ * film shoot. And Jürgen is not a real inspector but an alcoholic, who mistakes the shoot for real. Since he always fancied the famous detectives like Columbo, he deals with the case like he has seen it on television. The next day he starts to walk around and ask people random questions about yesterdays homicide and ring doorbells in the streets of Duisburg. On his wild-goose chase to investigate a murder that never really happened, he uncovers life in the Ruhr area, among industry and human values.

* „Tatort“ is the most famous German TV show,
a detective series broadcasted each sunday.
„Tatort“ is also the German word for crime scene.

written by
Svenja Klüh & Elias Candolini

Anna Winkler

directed by
Svenja Klüh