Four Moroccan women describe how they view themselves and the women's role in society. Touria is a dentist. She is afraid that without rules, like forbidding sex before marriage, one would open the doors to chaos and a life in sin. Jamila, who was beaten by her ex-husband, claims that wearing a scarf doesn't stand in her way of being an active woman in the society. Zineb and Zineb are friends and talk about making choices and their relationship with god. „Les Dames du Maroc“ is a short trip inside a foreign world and a brief exchange of basic ideas.

The reportage was part of the journalistic program „Close Up“ of the University of Television and Film Munich, Germany that took place in Morocco in november/december 2008.

Svenja Klüh, Nancy Brandt

Svenja Klüh, Sarah Ben Hardouze

directed and edited by
Svenja Klüh

consultants and procuction managers
Prof. Eberhard Piltz, Mario Beilhack

produced by
Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München